No words needed. These are my Fathers ❤️ I love you tatay, grandpa, & of course you Dad!

My little Filipino Mexcian Norwegian Ecuadoran Godson✨ ❤️#JustinJohn

This kid may be only a kid but she understands so much about this world that she is only going to grow much wiser. We talk to each other when were sad , mad, or happy and mostly fight over food. This kid is my best friend til infinity. She has blessed my life and my family with so much laughter and love❤️ &today marks her 11th birthday. I am so very proud to be HER “untie” (auntie) fatso. I love you kid with everything in me.Happy Birthday✨#jazmingerard

"Mama tried to raise a lady, but Daddy won. He raised a lady who doesn’t take sh— from anyone"😏👊💢



To my Sweet Sweet Sweet God-DAUGHTER #TAYLENRAE you are my heart babygirl, you make me so happy every single time I see you. You get smarter every time too. My Tay Tay, when I have my own home I promise you we will have sleep overs when ever you want to💖 Tell mommy and daddy to pick up their phone because ninang babe is trying to sing u the happy birthday song🎶. I LOVE YOU TAYTAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my princess💋

✨ To my dearest Grandma, my Queen of the world, and my bestest friend. 93 years old and still lives with a strong spirit. She has fought so many battles and so many obstacles. I know she will live on foreverrrrr. I love you grandma, happiest birthday✨

❤️ #alwaysauntybabeandjustine

The greatest mother of all! 💗💛❤️💙💚💜💕💖💞💘💌💒💟💐🌸🌷🌻🌺🌼☀️⭐️🌙 #CarmelitaDulay

I like to experiment on her hair and jaz’s hair. #hairdos #briad #curls #mysidejob #idofoefree

Before mom broke your light up crown 👑✨ hahah Congratulations fatso💕 I love you!

The faith and love that gives me hope✨


Heehee! Happy 4/20 and most importantly Happy Easter Shai✨! #flyinevenhigher #myniggasoarin👼 #missed💔❤️ #happyeastertoyoulaurenandfamILY

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